Nordmann Christmass tress


For more than twenty years we have been growing Caucasian fir and spruce as Christmas trees. We sell wholesale both cut and pot-planted Christmas trees.
Our plantations are located in the West Pomeranian province and occupy the area of more than 150 hectares in total.
Long-term experience in farming, diligence and methodical approach to plant care causes that our trees are considered as one of the best looking in Poland and Europe.
We offer Caucasian fir (Abies nordmanniana) in three quality classes, in sizes form 100 cm to 250 cm.

Class I – these are the most beautiful trees, practically flawless. They feature straight trunks, uniformly spaced, dense and intensely green branches. They have outstandingly conical shape and their needles are thick and long
Class II – trees of this category have features of Class I but they are not so dense and uniform. This is product intended for mass sale.
Class III – trees of this class feature poorer colouration  and are slightly unshapely.


We offer also common spruce (Picea abies) and blue spruce (Picea pungens).

All our trees are mesh-packed and palleted; this service and vehicle loading are already included in our price.




We grow seedlings of coniferous trees. We offer, among other, fir, spruce and pine.
Our adventure starts at the moment of buying the highest class seeds, which fall into hands of experienced specialists who in May start seed sowing. During the first year we first and foremost care of the seedlings, strengthen and fertilize them and make a lot of effort to control  weeds, pests and diseases. In the second year the seedlings are put into nurseries and replanted in new places. This operation allows them to better develop and expand their roots.
We have on our permanent offer seedlings of various species, in various age, from two-year-old 2/0 to four-year-old 2/2.
The seedlings to be sold are dug out in spring or autumn and packed into special bags protecting roots against drying.
We make every effort to assure the highest quality of the offered seedlings. We invite you to see our nursery.


Coniferous trees in containers.

Our nursery specializes in production of coniferous trees in containers. Produced plants can be used in hedges or ornamental greenery in a garden or balcony.
We offer various species and varieties of coniferous trees and bushes such as arborvitae, junipers, false cypresses and firs in containers. We permanently extend our offer to comprise new and interesting plant species.
During purchase we will assist you in plant selection to match your needs and tell you about methods of replanting coniferous plants from pot to the ground as well as about care of them.
We guarantee high quality of the products we offer.



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Feel free to check out our Christmas trees (cut or in pots).
We invite you to visit our plantation.

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